Friday, January 25, 2008

We all fall down...and get back up

Right and below: The audience watches as the base of a robotic chair, in pieces on the floor after collapsing, slowly finds and connects each of its legs and its back, then stands itself upright, during a demonstration by Canadian visual artist Max Dean and robotics expert Raffaello D’Andrea at the Yale School of Art Wednesday in New Haven. The robotic chair is the work of Dean, D’Andrea and artist and industrial engineer Matt Donovan. The chair has been on tour at art exhibits around the world. D’Andrea partnered with Dean two years ago as chief engineer for the robotic chair project, which took a four-person team to create: Dean, D’Andrea, Donovan and D’Andrea’s former student Steve Lowe.
Above: Dean, left, and D’Andrea watch as the robotic chair does what a robotic chair does.
Peter Hvizdak/Register photos

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