Friday, June 6, 2008

Dwight closing, joining Troup Schools’ merger a cost-saving tactic

By Elizabeth Benton
Register Staff
— Timothy Dwight School will close and merge with Troup Magnet Academy of Science this summer, one of numerous cuts aimed at patching a $14 million city budget gap.
The district does not have firm budget figures yet for what it expects to save from closing Dwight, but Chief Operating Officer William Clark said he expects “considerable savings” from consolidation of the two schools’ staffs.
“None of them are going to be laid off. They’ll perhaps go into Troup, filling other vacancies across the district,” he said.
While the district expects some utility savings from closing Dwight, it’s not planning to mothball the Edgewood Avenue school. Dwight will remain open for community use and likely will still house the daycare center located there.
Long-term use of Dwight is an “open question,” said Clark, including using it as swing space and the possibility of selling the building.
School Construction Coordinator Susan Weisselberg expected Dwight would not be used as swing space in September, but that it could be later in the school year.
The city had planned a $39 million renovation of Dwight beginning in 2010. Plans called for demolishing much of the original structure, built in 1964, and renovating a newer wing.
Those plans have not been officially canceled, but appear unlikely to move forward as students vacate the building.
Troup Principal Richard Kaliszewski will remain at the helm as his school takes on Dwight students and staff. New placements for Dwight Principal Kathy Jones and other Dwight administrators have not been determined.
Class size will rise slightly as the schools merge. Dwight has kindergarten through fourth grade, while Troup is kindergarten through eighth.
Average class size at Dwight and Troup is about 20 students, according to Clark. After the consolidation, class sizes will rise to about 23 students per class. Average second-grade class size in New Haven was 22 during the 2005-06 school year, the most up-to-date state data.
Troup’s Edgewood Avenue building was built in 1923 and is in the final stages of a $52 million face-lift and addition. The new building will feature a gymnasium, an auditorium, music rooms, a library and science and computer labs.
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