Monday, September 8, 2008

Catholic school enrollment on the decline

But some, like St. Gabriel in Milford, continue to thrive

By Ed Stannard
Register Metro Editor

This is one way Roman Catholic schools have adapted to life in the 21st century: Since the eighth-grade boys at St. Gabriel School in Milford can wear any tie they want with their navy-and-khaki uniforms, the girls petitioned for some individual expression, too.

Now, the eighth-grade girls at St. Gabe's can be seen wearing brightly colored, even garish, knee socks.

It's a small thing, but it's a symbol of vitality for Catholic schools, many of which are suffering from declining enrollments or even closing.

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Photos by Peter Hvizdak/New Haven Register
TOP: Cathy Collins leads the eighth-grade language arts class at St. Gabriel Roman Catholic School in Milford.
RIGHT: Tim Peterson, T.J. Russell and Kelsey Magee compete in a spelling bee at St. Gabriel.

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