Tuesday, September 16, 2008

"She had this way about calming people down..."

A city police officer injured while responding to a report of a man beating a woman in the street last week remained in critical condition Tuesday, a day after the two people involved in the domestic dispute made their first appearances in court.
Friends and family have been holding vigil for her.

Early Tuesday, the family of Diane Gonzalez, shown above, issued this statement:
"Our family wishes to express our thanks and appreciation to everyone in the community for their prayers and best wishes for New Haven Police officer Diane Gonzalez. We are grateful for the care she is receiving and the support from everyone as we all work together toward her recovery. At this time, we have asked that only her condition be released, and we know you understand and will respect our need for privacy at this time."

Read Bill Kaempffer's full story here:

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