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Monday, March 5, 2012

Find out where to vote in New Haven Democratic ward co-chair primary

There will be a Democratic primary from 6 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday, March 6, 2012 to elect Town Committee members from the following political subdivisions:
Ward 2 candidates are: Christopher G. Arnott, Jane N. Kinity and Anita R. Morales
Ward 9 candidates are: Cristina M. Cruz-Uribe, Lauren R. Miller, Jane S. Edelstein and Donald A. Harvey
Ward 11 candidates are: Fannie E. Brooks, Dorothy W. Harper, Patricia L. DePalma and Paul J. Tricaso
Ward 20 candidates are: Latoya A. Agnew, Barbara A. Vereen and Ernest W. Jones, Jr.
Ward 22 candidates are: Gina Phillips, Cordelia V. Thorpe, Jayuan L. Carter and Josef L. Goodman
Ward 26 candidates are: Arnold V. Amore, II, Ronald D. Rainey and Theresa L. Jones
Ward 29 candidates are: Thomas R. Ficklin, Audrey D. Tyson, Betty L. Alford and Major A. Ruth
Voting will take place at: Ward 2, Troup Magnet School, 259 Edgewood Ave.; Ward 9, East Rock School (Cross), 181 Mitchell Drive; Ward 11-01, Bella Vista, 343 Eastern St.; Ward 11-02, Bishop Woods School, 1481 Quinnipiac Ave.; Ward 20, Lincoln Bassett School, 130 Bassett St.; Ward 22, Wexler-Grant School, 55 Foote St.; Ward 26, Mauro/Sheridan School, 191 Fountain St.; and Ward 29, Beecher School, 100 Jewel St.

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