Thursday, March 1, 2012

A puzzling event. Really.

ASCONN, Inc, will hold its 6th annual fund raising event, Autism Puzzlethon, from noon to 4 p.m. March 3 at seven locations across Connecticut, including West Hartford, North Franklin, Winsted, Branford, New Haven,  and  New Canaan.
Early bird puzzlers also can join the fun from noon to 4 p.m. March 2 at St. Joseph’s University in West Hartford.
The Saturday event will be an “afternoon of puzzle-filled family fun, food, and prizes for all ages and abilities,” organizers said in a statement. “All funds raised, stay in Connecticut to help families through ASCONN’s programs and services for the Connecticut autism community.”
“The response continues to grow each year as more individuals, schools, and service organizations get involved,” Sara Reed, ASCONN’s executive director, said in a statement.
“Participants get very excited about raising funds that remain in Connecticut, and help Connecticut families now.”
Autism Puzzlethon works like a fund raising walk, with puzzles as the activity, the statement said. 
“Any type of puzzle qualifies; jigsaw, crossword, sudoko, word search, ensuring that anyone from toddler to senior citizen can participate,” the statement said. “Puzzles were chosen, not just because of their universal appeal across ability ranges, but also because many persons on the autism spectrum are particularly skilled at puzzles. For decades, the puzzle piece has been the symbol of the autism community, reflecting the complexity of the disability, as well as the difficulty in piecing together interventions that are as unique as each individual.”
Information and on-line fund raising is available at For a listing of Autism Puzzlethon locations and directions, visit; call 888.453.4975; or email:
The agency thanks its sponsors: Pepsi®, Subway®, Courtyard Marriott®, Serenity Shield®, and Jocelyn’s Run: A Marathon of Support, Inc.
“We created an event that would be an innovative way to raise funds and promote public involvement.” Kim Newgass, ASCONN president, said, also in the statement. “Several schools have used Autism Puzzlethon as a means for academic enrichment through autism/disabilities awareness, writing persuasive essays for fund raising, or journalism-style assignments about the event.”
ASCONN is a non-profit organization supporting the Connecticut autism community since 1977, the statement said.

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