Thursday, June 27, 2013

New Haven Scholarship Fund awards students

NEW HAVEN - One hundred and eighty one students from public high schools in New Haven as well as Achievement First Amistad High School and Common Ground High School recently received more than $298,000 in scholarships in an event at the United Church on the Green, organizers said in a release.
The scholarships were given by the New Haven Scholarship Fund.
"In 1959, Hillhouse High School math teacher Jean Lovell created a scholarship fund to assist students in need with the expenses of post-secondary education," the release said. 
"In 1991, New Haven Public Schools Talented and Gifted program Supervisor Rhoda Spear gifted her entire estate to be used for students planning a career in education. The gift of her estate and the continued support of countless others have significantly expanded the Scholarship’s ability to help more students."
Since it was found, 7,000 students will have received more than $7 million in financial assistance from the New Haven Scholarship Fund, the release said. 
"Jim Barber, president of the all-volunteer New Haven Scholarship Fund, feels that every deserving young person should be given the opportunity, through education, to improve the quality of their lives," the release said. "Our mission is to keep those hopes alive."
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