Monday, June 24, 2013

Sen. Blumenthal gets 'tattoo' to endorse marriage equality

WASHINGTON  – U.S. Senator Richard Blumenthal, D-Conn.,  supported “marriage equality and equal rights” by joining the third annual NOH8 On The Hill photo event, according to a release.
Blumenthal and U.S. Senator Martin Heinrich,  D-N.M., “became the first two U.S. Senators to pose in a photo with NOH8’s iconic NOH8 tattoo,” the release said.
“Marriage equality is a human right, and I am committed to ensuring that it becomes a reality,” Blumenthal said, also in the release. “I am proud to stand with NOH8 in their tireless campaign against prejudice and injustice. Government should never disadvantage people on the basis of whom they love.”
Blumenthal previously joined the amicus brief filed in regard to the Defense of Marriage Act case under review by the Supreme Court, arguing that “the law should be struck down,” the release said. He co-sponsored the Uniting American Families Act and the Employment Non-Discrimination Act , the release said.
UAFA would allow gay and lesbian Americans to sponsor their permanent partners for legal residency in the United States; ENDA would prohibit discrimination in hiring and employment on the bases of sexual orientation and gender identity, the release said.
“Blumenthal posed for the photo to send a message that the fight for marriage equality and equal rights is not over,” the release said.
“LGBT Americans should have the same marriage rights and privileges that heterosexual Americans have, and federal law should not discriminate against LGBT citizens of Connecticut who lawfully exercise their right to marry under the Connecticut Constitution,” Blumenthal said, also in the release. “That is why I am a cosponsor of the Respect for Marriage Act, which would repeal DOMA.”
“This year, the NOH8 On The Hill photo event attracted 64 members of Congress, while in 2012, 26 Members participated, the release said.
NOH8 co-founder and photographer Adam Bouska said, also in the release, “This year’s event really showed how far we have come in so short a time. Equality and freedom appears to be highly contagious.”

The NOH8 On The Hill photos show lawmakers wearing either duct tape over their mouths or the NOH8 tattoo, the release said.

Editor's note: All information and the photos in this post were contributed. Click one of the buttons below to share it. Photos contributed by NOH8 through Blumenthal's office


Anonymous said...

Why doesn't he just get a tattoo that says, "I'll do whatever it takes for whatever votes I can get." ? That's what he's saying by his actions.

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