Thursday, April 26, 2012

In a mom's words: Helping her son to recover

 This is posted on behalf of Linda Marks, the mom of Henry Greene of New Haven, whom then New Haven Register reporter Abbe Smith and then Jim Shelton so carefully wrote about.
It is not edited here, because a mom's words tell the story better than I ever could.

This is it:

Henry aka Renegade was shot 2/19/2010 on his way home from work during an attempted mugging.  He needs a life saving small bowel transplant.  His family is using fundraisers to support them financially while his mom travels with him numerous times to Georgetown University Hospital in D.C. where he will receive his surgeries, treatments, a small bowel transplant, and transplant care.  She will not be able to work enough hours to sustain her household and care for her son too.  Donations to assist Henry's family can be brought to any 1st Niagara Bank with deposits for the Virus of Hope Account, c/o Henry Green or received online @, or  you can simply mail donations to Linda Marks (Henry's Mom) P.O. BOX 395, New Haven, CT 06502.  For those who would like to give tax-deductible donations, you may donate online @ or you can call 800-642-8399 for a credit card donation as welll.  If you prefer to send a check:
Make checks payable to:      NTAF Northeast Small Bowel Transplant Fund
Note in memo section:          In honor of Henry Green
Please mail to:                       NTAF
                                                150 N. Radnor Chester Road, Suite F-120
                                                Radnor, PA 19087
For more information, you may contact Linda Marks @ 203-843-8307.  
Thank you for your compassion and blessings!  God Bless!! For more information regarding this music and ministry contact Solomon aka Novakane @ or Renegade @ jarhead2007 @ (This information is found on the backside cover of the free Christian CDs that Henry produced, which includes skits, spoken word, rap, and R & B style Christian music).

Henry received his transplant on 4/13/12 for which we are eternally grateful.  It has been a tremendous strain, physically, mentally, emotionally for the family because we have not raised enough money for me (his mom) to stay in Georgetown with him. I have been traveling back and forth from DC to CT and vice versa in order to keep working and to try to be with him as well.  When Henry gets discharged from the hospital, he needs a family member to stay with him in the area for 2 - 3 months and I'm the only one who seems to have the flexibility and wherewithal to do it (not to mention I am a nurse and I'd rather be the one who is with him).  So, essentially we need to raise enough to pay the rent and utilities and food for the two children back home in CT

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Champ said...

I am so happy to read that Henry has finally received a transplant, this makes me decide to be a donor in case something happens to me so, when I renew my driver's license I will answer yes to be a transplant donor which I used to be afraid of this because I thought I would not be revived if something happend to me in an accident but that's not true they will revive me but if all else fails someone else will receive my body parts and that's a good thing. Praise God, thank you Jesue for Henry's healing!!!

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