Monday, December 13, 2010

Scavenger Hunt Winners Announced

When the first-ever national McDonald’s® McCafé® Scavenger Hunt took place recnetly in New Haven and in eight other cities in the United States, two residents of Greater New Haven were winners, according to a statement.
Winners included New Haven resident Michelle Bragg and Monroe resident Jocelyne Hudson-Brown, who each won a $1,000 Arch Card from McDonald’s, the statement said.

"Players were given clues by listening to radio-partner WYBC and through McDonald’s Facebook page to several locations throughout the city where oversized, McCafé cups were hidden," the statement said.
The McCafé Scavenger Hunt coincided with the launch of the newest addition to the McCafé beverage line – Caramel Mocha.

In top photo, New Haven resident Michelle Bragg holds the oversized McCafé Caramel Mocha cup hidden at Long Wharf Park.
In the lower photo, Jocelyne Hudson-Brown of Monroe stands in front of WYBC radio where the oversized McCafé cup was hidden.

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