Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Yale-New Haven Hospital receives $500,000 gift to support nursing training

An anonymous donor has given a $500,000 gift to provide financial assistance to nurses who wish to expand their training and expertise, Yale-New Haven Hospital said in a statement.
The gift will establish two scholarship funds: The Marna P. Borgstrom Yale-New Haven Hospital Nursing Advanced Education Scholarship Fund and The Peter N. Herbert, MD Yale-New Haven Hospital Nursing Advanced Education Scholarship Fund, the statement said.
Both are shown in photos.
Beginning in January, the scholarships will provide tuition assistance of up to $10,000 annually to qualified registered nurses working toward advanced education leading to certification as a nurse practitioner, advanced practice registered nurse (inclusive of midwifery), or doctor of nursing practice, the statement said.
“This generous gift ensures that our most talented nurses, no matter their economic circumstances, will have the opportunity to advance their careers and assume roles as leaders in nursing,” said Sue Fitzsimons, senior vice president of patient services at YNHH, also in the statement. “Our donor believes that even the most motivated nurse can be discouraged by the tuition costs to pursue advanced degrees, and wanted to provide financial support to help them move their careers forward.”
“This gift helps the donor the Hospital as well as individual nurses,” said Marna P.
Borgstrom, YNHH president and CEO, said the gift helps the hospital and individual nurses.
“By enhancing the education and training level of our nurses, our donor is also enabling Yale-New Haven to continue to provide a higher level of care to all of our patients. We can’t thank the donor enough,” she said in the statement.
YNHH nurses who work full-time or part-time (at least 24 hours a week), are employed by YNHH and have worked at YNHH for at least two years are eligible to apply for the scholarship. Financial assistance could be up to $10,000 per year for a 2-year program and up to $8,000 per year for a 3-year or longer program, the statement said. Nurses who are interested in eligibility and application information should contact Kevin Myatt, senior vice president, Human Resources, or Sue Fitzsimons, senior vice president, patient services.

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