Monday, March 28, 2011

"Books on the Vine!" A benefit for Guilford Free Library

GUILFORD - Shoreline Financial Advisors is sponsoring an event to help collect books and funds from the public to support the local library.
Shoreline Financial Advisors of Guilford Connecticut will hold a benefit for the Guilford Free Library at from 5:30 to 8:30 p.m. April 5 at Quattro's Italian Restaurant at 14 Water St.
"Our public libraries are an integral part of our community and support the education of our children. It is imperative we support our libraries to continue the growth of our towns, counties and nation. The economic downturn has hit the library hard and it depends on public funds for its inventory of new books," said Brendan T. Smith, partner, Shoreline Financial Advisors, in a statement.
"The Books on the Vine event will help with the funding of the annual incoming books. We are grateful to our partners, Quattro's Italian Restaurant, Friends of the Guilford Public Library and Blue Plate Radio for supporting this event with complimentary appetizers and jazz music. We hope to raise an incredible amount of books and money to support the library."
Participation in the event includes donating a bag of books in exchange for a glass of wine or non-alcoholic beverage, the statement said.
The donated books will be used by the Friends of the Guilford Free Library at their annual book sale, the statement said.
This year, 2011, is the 30th Anniversary book sale which helps fund the purchase of new books for the library, the statement said.
"We are so grateful to Shoreline Financial Advisors for building this great event for the Friends of the Library as they have given so much to us over the past 30 years," Sandy Ruoff, director of the Guilford Free Library said in the statement. "I've seen the Friends of the Library book sale every year for the past 30 years and they have built it up from $500 the first year to tens of thousands of dollars. In the recent economic downturn, we've seen lower numbers at the sale, so events like Books on the Vine will help to pull our numbers back up to continue to make the Guilford Free Library an excellent resource for our community."
The 30th anniversary of the Friends of the Guilford Free Library book sale will take place this year on September 23, 24 and 25, 2011 at the Guilford Free Library, 67 Park St.
RSVP or find more information about Books on the Vine at: or call Shoreline Financial Advisors directly at 203-458-6800.

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