Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Connecticut libraries to take 'snapshot'

Here's why

On April 13, libraries all over Connecticut will take a “snapshot,” collecting information to capture the impact that Connecticut libraries have on their communities on a typical day.

This is the second Snapshot Day, sponsored by the Connecticut Library Association, the Connecticut State Library, and the Connecticut Library Consortium, according to a statement.

Last year, on Connecticut’s first Snapshot Day: more than 80,600 people visited Connecticut libraries; people borrowed nearly 100,000 books, DVDs and other materials; close to 13,000 people used computers at their library; nearly 10,000 people attended a program or class at a library; and 113,000 people visited Connecticut library websites, the statement said.

On April 13, organizers hope once again to capture a slice of life of Connecticut’s libraries. There will be a chance for patrons to comment on what their library means to them, and pictures from libraries all over the state will be available on the Snapshot Flickr page. Visit the Snapshot website, http://snapshotctlib.wordpress.com/ to find out more about this project,  the statement said.

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