Thursday, March 31, 2011

State to walk, mark Connecticut's boundary

Adapted from a press release from the state Department of Transportation:

Staff from the state Department of Transportation will be walking Connecticut’s borders, a journey it makes every 10 years.

The State Line Perambulation of the state boundary is required by state law for the purpose of “preserving the evidence of its locality.” The DOT will visit all state-line boundary markers using the most recent descriptions and update the descriptions to conform to current condition and appearance. The examination of each monument and boundary marker is recorded to determine any damage, displacement or destruction and to recommend repair or replacement if warranted.

Property owners will be notified as needed in the process of visiting the state line monuments and boundary markers.

The perambulation will begin about April 1 and continue through the next few months in Woodstock, Thompson, Putnam, Killingly, Sterling, Voluntown, North Stonington and Stonington.

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