Thursday, March 31, 2011

Express bus adds stop in North Haven, new trips

Adapted from a press release from the state Department of Transportation:

The schedule for the No. 20 New Haven/Hartford Express bus will be expanded as of Monday, with additional trips, more convenient timing and a new bus stop in North Haven.

The schedule changes and changes in stops were made to take into account work schedules and employees in both New Haven and Hartford. The route also serves New Haven’s Union Station.

“I am happy to say that we have found a way to cost-effectively improve service for our existing customers and to attract new customers,” said acting DOT Commissioner James Redeker. “The new schedule makes this route a great alternative for commuters to avoid driving alone to work along the Interstate 91 corridor.”

Additional trips have been added to both the morning and afternoon schedule and an additional stop will be added at the Devine Street Park & Ride Lot B, near Exit 10 off Interstate 91 in North Haven (shown at right).

The route will continue to serve the Middletown/Country Club Road Park & Ride Lot near Exit 20 off I-91. However, the stop at the Park & Ride Lot at Wolcott Hill in Wethersfield will only be served by New Haven-bound buses in the morning and Hartford-bound buses in the afternoon.

New schedule and route information can be found at

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