Thursday, November 1, 2012

Albertus Magnus College prof helps Sandy recovery through art

 This was sent by Albertus and is posted here as a public service for those who might need help after Hurricane Sandy. It is lightly edited but otherwise is posted as it was received.
NEW HAVEN - Albertus Magnus College Associate Professor Evie Lindemann, art therapy clinical coordinator, put her thinking cap on and was determined to put her skills to work for her community. 

Even one person can make a difference.

She reached out to community art supply sources and received a donation of art supplies from Hulls University Art Supply & Framing, 1144 Chapel St.

Lindemann worked with volunteers at the Hill Regional Career High School, 140 Legion Ave., where a shelter has been established for evacuees of Hurricane Sandy.  They were able to put aside a "Quiet Room" where Evie and the children, who have evacuated with their families, can experience some art therapy together.   

After working with the children Evie shared with much emotion, "I am moved by what I have seen and being with the children."

Editor's note: All information and the photo in this post were contributed.


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