Friday, November 30, 2012

New Haven: Free parking downtown on Saturdays in December

NEW HAVEN - Free parking will be available in certain parts of downtown beginning in Dec. 1, according to a release.
On Dec. 1, the Town Green District’s Downtown Ambassadors will cover parking meters on Chapel Street from Temple Street to York Street with bright green bags marked with 2 hours of free parking., the release said.  Ambassadors will begin bagging the meters between 7:30 and 8:00 a.m.
"The green bags are part of a holiday promotion by the Town Green Special Services District and the City of New Haven’s Department of Transportation, Traffic, and Parking to encourage people to visit Downtown New Haven during the holiday season," the release said.
"Each week, a different downtown shopping area is selected for the free parking promotion." 
 Remaining weeks for the promotion will include these dates and location, the release said:
·         December 8:  Elm Street from Church Street to State Street; Chapel Street from Orange Street to State Street; Orange Street from Chapel Street to George Street.
·         December 15: Whitney Avenue from Wall Street to Trumbull Street
·         December 21:  Chapel Street from York Street to Howe Street
·         December 28:  TGSPSD will bagg one block of meters per shopping district.

Also in the release: "The Town Green Special Services District is a business improvement district (BID )funded by a sur tax on property in Downtown New Haven to fund programs such as public space improvements, cleaning and maintenance Ambassadors,  INFO New Haven visitor center communications, advocacy and website."

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EM Goglia said...

Isn't that a very nice gesture that parking meters will be free for people to shop downtown? Why would anyone waste their time going to New Haven with its ridiculous parking policy when you can shop in the suburbs without all the hassle? Going to the symphony, or to the theater , or simply to dinner one has to have a bevy of coins on hand to feed the meters and then may have to run out to put more coins in if the time runs out. I for one cannot understand how and why the merchants and restaurant people could allow this parking meter fiasco to come into being. Surely it has to be having a detrimental effect on business. Many of the people I know refuse to go into the downtown area.

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