Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Executive Group Nissan donates diapers to help community

NEW HAVEN - John and Scott Orsini, owners of the Executive Group Nissan in Wallingford, again "stepped to the plate in an effort to support a local women and children's program located in the Elm City," according to a release.
Tony Croce, who has been part of charitable giving in the area, said he received another donation from the Executive Group Nissan for diapers, according to the release.
"John Orsini and his son Scott Orsini have been so much a part of giving back to the less fortunate. John Orsini makes it a point to ask me periodically about women and children's programs. 'What do they need? What do they need?' he asks with enthusiasm," Croce said in the release.
"It is something that sits close to his heart. I have experienced many giving people over time. John Orsini does it with a passion unlike any other that I have seen," Croce said.

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