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Friday, June 20, 2014

Myrtle the snapping turtle and her nest

Myrtle the snapping turtle did not pick a good place to lay her eggs - or maybe she did.

Alerted to the reptile lady's presence, I scooted out (Yes, it was dark and creepy in the woods) and checked her out.

I did not touch her or bother her in any way other than taking a video - as I was told that a turtle in this state is in something of a "trance" and it would be a bad idea even to move her further into the woods as it would so distress her.

While the Connecticut DEEP has suggested helping turtles across the road - this female clearly was staying put right next to the road - she had already been digging - possible a test nest. So I did not dare touch her (not because she would bite me) because I feared doing more harm than good.

Learn more about turtles here.

So whether the side of the road was a good spot or not - it was up to her to decide.

I said hello, did this video and left. 
(Addendum: A check of the area the next day revealed that the turtle had left the side of the road safely.)


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