Friday, June 13, 2014

Learn all about 'Go NH go' in New Haven

NEW HAVEN - As a part of the New Haven Healthy City Healthy Climate Challenge, a month long campaign- goNHgo - is being organized to create a healthier more sustainable New Haven, according to a release.  
"Go New Haven Go! will invite individuals and organizations to try out – or increase - alternative modes of transportation, which will increase health by adding exercise, improve air quality, and cut greenhouse gas pollution, including taking public transportation, car-pooling, walking, and/or biking.  We are inviting you to sign up and recruit your staff, Board, and volunteers to join in," the release said

Also in the release:

The basics:

  • goNHgo runs from July 1 to 31
  • Participants will compete internally with others in each organization, and externally with other organizations.
  • Participants will track their trips on the CT Rides site called NuRides and top prizes will be awarded based on number of alternative transit trips.  (NuRides also offers additional rewards).
  • goNHgo will also show people transportation options that they can use after this campaign is over.

If your organization would like to join you’ll need to:

  • Select a leader who would be a contact for us and to head the charge on the campaign in your organization throughout the month.
  • Recruit members in June to join goNHgo and track non-car trips in July. We will provide transportation tip sheets, e-newsletters, fliers, and other information needed.
  • Consider ways to keep the motivation strong throughout the month by including internal prizes, public recognition, and/or subsidies/benefits for active transit use.    

The benefits of switching to healthier modes of transportation are significant for our community, our organizations and our future.

For more information on the campaign check out website, or contact at  or call: 203-562-1607

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