Friday, June 13, 2014

Images of Old Glory: The American Flag in Connecticut and beyond

Have you ever noticed how many homes and businesses fly the American flag?

I noticed and have set out to catch as many photos of the flag as I can on my phone.

I only do it when it is safe to do so - as in when I am a passenger in a car and not driving! I do it on walks, on boats, anywhere I can.

The more photos you take of the flag, the more amazing it becomes to see how many people fly it, how many people respect it and how it looks really great most of the time. American flags especially catch light in a wonderful way - and even a slight breeze makes it move in a graceful way.

I have saved a number of photos and plan to make slideshows of all them eventually. Most, if not all of the photos were taken in Connecticut ( a lot in Greater New Haven), Massachusetts, New York and Rhode Island.

 (I really need to travel more!)

Here's the start of the project.

This video just makes me happy:

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