Thursday, February 10, 2011

Concerns about aging to be addressed in new library program

East Rock Village and All About You Home Care Services are collaborating to present a new monthly series of classes on concerns that older adults face as they age, according to a statement.
The free classes will be held from 2 to 3:30 p.m. the last Friday of each month, from Feb. 25 through July 29 at the 50+ Transition Center of the New Haven Public Library, 133 Elm St., the statement said.
Call the library at 203-946-8835 to register for one class or the whole series.
The complete schedule is:

February 25 - Head : Use It or Lose It! Stress management; early detection of cognitive impairment; strategies to maintain function. Presenter: Catherine Lavio, MSN, APRN Creative Stress Management

March 25 - Heart/Lung: Be Heart Smart, Don't Let Jack Frost Take Your Breath Away. Early signs and symptoms of hypertension and congestive heart failure; COPD; inhalers, nebulizers, tubing; how to handle a common cough; pneumonia shots; sleep apnea; home care. Presenters: Eileen McAdoo, RN, MSN, CNS cardiology, Kathy Short, RRT and Cathy Fortin,MBA.

April 29 - Stomach: How we feed it; how we abuse it. Digestion; healthy eating habits; navigating the hazards of eating out. Presenter: Richard J. Frankonis,RPh,MS,CCN, Registered Pharmacist and Board Certified Clinical Nutritionist.

May 27 - Leaky pipes. Kidney stones; UTIs/ incontinence; supplies that insurance covers. Presenter: Karen Mack APRN

June 24 - Feet: Achy back? Knee pain? pain caused from feet; orthotics. Presenter: Lauren Cook MSPT

July 29 - Managing Your Own Care. Community health care; insurance; Medicare; modalities of care.
Presenters: Michael Mackniak, Esq., and Yvonne Gamelin, RN.

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