Wednesday, February 2, 2011

New penguin 'parents' at St. Bernadette School

NEW HAVEN - First grade students at St. Bernadette School have adopted an African penguin from SANCCOB, a seabird rehabilitation center in Cape Town, South Africa.
The adoption was possible through the kindness of David Garamella, first grade teacher Anna Lombardo said.
The children have been learning all about penguins and were delighted to be able to be a part of this special endeavor, Lombardo said.
The photo shows the class with the certificate and picture of the penguin, she said.

In the photo, in the back row are Anthony, Ethan, Tonimarie, Magdalena, Angelo, Michael, Emma, and Dawson. In the front are Kai, Jonathan, David, Kaylor, Ryan, Kylei, and Olivia.
Contributed photo

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michele said...

Mrs. Lombardo is a wonderful teacher and is always looking to get the children involved in activities to teach them about animals and other science type events. Thank you for all that you do. Good luck to MaryPenguin returning to her habitat.

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