Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Yale-New Haven liver transplants break record with 100% survival rate

Press release from Yale-New Haven Hospital:
In 2010, the Yale-New Haven Transplant Center, under the leadership of Dr. Sukru Emre, performed 52 liver transplants, including on 11 children. Of the 52 transplants, 16 were living-donor liver transplants, in which a portion of a liver from a healthy person is transplanted into a patient with liver disease. Although Yale-New Haven's waiting list for liver transplants continues to grow, living-donor transplants help compensate for the shortage of donated livers.
The quality of the program is excellent, with 100 percent patient survival for both children and adults. Because donor safety is crucial in living donor liver transplants, the Transplant Center has developed a Living Donor Center of Excellence program to provide patient education, a donor advocacy team, crisis-control protocols and alternative pain- and stress-management options.

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