Thursday, February 10, 2011

DeLauro receives education award

U.S. Rep. Rosa L. DeLauro, D-3, received the "Teach For America Congressional Champion Award" Feb. 10 "in recognition of her leadership in the effort to expand educational opportunity to all of America’s students," according to a statement.
"One of 12 legislators honored, Congresswoman DeLauro has also served as a guest teacher in a Teach For America corps member’s classroom in New Haven," the statement released by her office said.

Teach For America is the national corps of recent college graduates who commit to teaching for two years in public schools around the country, the statement said. Many graduates of the program pursue careers in education, and become leaders in working to expand educational opportunity. This year in Connecticut, about 150 Teach For America corps members are reaching approximately 9,000 students in underserved schools around the state, the statement said.

“For over two decades, Teach For America has worked to bring young, bright, and motivated men and women right out of college into the school systems that most need the benefit of their talent and enthusiasm," DeLauro said in the statement.
"In doing so, Teach For America has done more than just work to transform our education system. They have changed thousands of children’s lives for the better, and helped to see that each boy and girl in America has access to the educational opportunities they deserve. Teach for America is a great idea that works, and I have always been proud to support your efforts,” said Congresswoman DeLauro. “With that in mind, I humbly accept this award today. It means a great deal to me, and I take it as a call to continue trying to make a difference in people’s lives.”

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