Friday, February 17, 2012

Community Foundation for Greater New Haven annouces appointment to board of directors

The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven has announced the appointment of James E. Ryan to its board of directors.
The appointment was made by the Trustees Committee, according to a statement.
Ryan is replacing Alan Tyma, whose 7-year term ended in 2011 and who served as past board chairman and liaison to The Community Foundation’s affiliate, the Valley Community Foundation, the statement said. "Leadership of The Community Foundation’s Board for 2012 remains unchanged; Rolan Joni Young Smith and David I. Newton will continue as Chair and Vice Chair, respectively," the statement said.
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“Jimmy served as Chair of our Valley Advisory Committee for many years and his generosity, depth of experience and local knowledge are well-known throughout the community and to our affiliate the Valley Community Foundation. I very much look forward to working with him in his role as a member of the Board of Directors,” Will Ginsberg, president & CEO of The Community Foundation for Greater New Haven, said in the statement.
Ryan said, also in the statement: “It is a pleasure to follow in the footsteps of community leaders, such as Alan Tyma, Ken Schaible, Mary Pepe, Ed Miller Sr. and other leaders from the Valley who have committed themselves to the meaningful distribution of financial assistance where it is needed most, and to the encouragement of new philanthropic growth.”
“The Community Foundation fosters strategic investments and collaborations in our communities that are critical to our long term success," he said.
Ryan is president of the Shelton Economic Development Corporation and has served in that capacity since 1984.  He also served as executive director of the Ansonia Redevelopment Agency from 1997 to 1984, managing the city of Ansonia Community Development, Downtown Revitalization, Neighborhood Development and Fair Housing programs, the statement said.
Ryan is a past chairman of the Valley Community Foundation and one of its founding directors, the statement said.
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The Community Foundation’s Board consists of eleven members, appointed either by the board or by external appointing authorities as specified in The Community Foundation’s charter, the statement said. 

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Editor's note: All information and the photo of Ryan in this post were contributed. It is largely unedited here.

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