Wednesday, February 22, 2012

In Woodbridge, children's art with an innovative flair

The work of students of Palette Art Studio will be exhibited in March and April at the Woodbridge Public Library.
Their work represents a variety of technique, media, and content, artist and teacher Natasha Piskunova said in a statement.
"The artists used materials such as oil, watercolor, gouache, tempera, pencil, and ink to create still lifes, portraits, landscapes, and more. The participating artists range in age from five years old to adulthood," Piskunova said.

Piskunova founded Palette Art Studio in Cheshire in 1997.
Trained in Russian schools of classical and contemporary painting and drawing, Piskunova draws on her experience as a teacher of artistically-gifted children in St. Petersburg, the statement said. 
"Her studio employs both innovative and traditional teaching methods. Students are systematically introduced to the fundamental concepts and skills of painting and drawing," the statement said. "They learn to understand and manipulate structure, form, and color, while utilizing a broad range of mediums and techniques. At Palette Art Studio, personal artistic expression and growth is encouraged, and students enjoy the process of creation. Teaching methods are flexible and individualized, so that each student can thrive in a dynamic and exciting setting."
 In photos: The teapot: Still life, Karen Yang, 11 , 2009; the Cats, Emily Sadygov, 10, 2001; Spring, Angel Wang , 7, 2010; and still life. Yekaterina Satanina , 17.

The Woodbridge Library is  at 10 Newton Road. Find it on Facebook too.

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