Monday, February 20, 2012

Hamden Youth Advisory Council launches effort to cut underage drinking

HAMDEN — The Hamden Youth Advisory Council has started a campaign to reduce underage drinking. The HYAC was formed from the Youth Services Bureau, Board of Education, police, faith groups, local businesses, and social service agencies to help teens stay healthy and drug and alcohol free. Hamden joins a statewide initiative, sponsored by the state Department of Mental Health and Addiction Services, to reduce risky teen behaviors, especially underage drinking,
The initial phase of the campaign kicked off in December with the “Parents who Host Lose the Most” publicity. The campaign is focused on making parents aware of Connecticut’s Social Host law passed in 2006, which subjects holders of house parties and their guests to fines and possible arrest if minors present are found to be in possession of alcohol.
Yard signs are being displayed at Hamden schools and other locations including the YMCA to remind parents of the law. Local liquor storeowners have also agreed to post stickers on their front doors to remind parents.  Cooperating stores include Mount Carmel Wine and Spirits, Discount Wine and Spirit Shoppe, Amity Wine and Spirit Co., French-Italian Import Co., Hometown Wine and Liquors, Wine Merchants, and A.L.K Wine and Liquors.
The HYAC is also seeking to involve parents and increase their activity in positive youth activities and the HYAC. Interested parents can contact Beth Chiarillo, at the Hamden Youth Services Bureau, 203-777-2610, ext. 137.

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