Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Laptop theft from New Haven library under investigation

NEW HAVEN — A laptop used by an Elderly Services specialist to input data for the Rent Rebate program was stolen recently from the Mitchell Branch Library, but there is no reason to believe anyone has accessed the data stored on the laptop, city officials said.
Just to be safe, however, the city has sent letters to the individuals in the rent rebate program whose personal information may have been affected, informing them of the incident and making them aware of steps they can take to take to protect against identity theft and fraud.
The city has contracted with AllClearID to offer identity protection to those in the Rent Rebate database at no cost. The free protection service includes credit monitoring, identity theft insurance and fraud resolution services for a period of two years. Individuals interested in receiving the service must register with AllClearID to receive the free service. AllClearID has provided similar services to the state of Connecticut in the past.
AllClearID has established a hotline for New Haven residents affected by the laptop theft. Individuals in the Rent Rebate database with questions about the incident or the identity protection services available to them may call (877) 615-3749 for more information.
The city takes the protection of personal information seriously and is taking steps to prevent against a similar occurrence in the future, a city official said. The City also has begun a review of its policies and procedures regarding data security to determine if changes may be appropriate.
The New Haven Police Department is investigating the theft. The incident occurred on May 23. No suspects have been identified at this time.

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