Sunday, June 24, 2012

The Madison Foundation contributes help to save lives

MADISON - The Senior Center is now equipped with two automated external defibrillators thanks to a generous donation from The Madison Foundation, according to a statement.
"Joe Petrella, senior services supervisor at the center, talked recently about their importance and how they operate. As the point person for the devices, also known as AEDs, he will oversee the training of key individuals on their use and ensure that everyone using the center is aware of their location and availability," the statement said.
"Petrella emphasized, however, that a defibrillator can be used successfully by anyone, trained or untrained, to provide treatment for someone experiencing cardiac arrest. Although the units will be mounted, one on each floor, they are portable devices that can be used throughout the building. They are very user-friendly, he explained, so that they essentially guide the operator through the operating process. He added that with these units everyone holds the key to saving a life."
Also according to the statement:  The American Heart Association says: 1.5 million heart attacks occur in the U.S. each year, with 500,000 deaths. A study published in its medical journal Circulation reports that an onsite AED increased the survival rate for heart attack victims by three times.
"When the Senior Center appealed for help in securing these critical devices, The Madison Foundation responded immediately," the statement said.
“A heart attack can occur at any age, but we know the risk increases with age. We wanted to make sure the defibrillators were available at the new center so they could save lives in an emergency,” Dave Allen, board member of The Madison Foundation and its president at the time of the request aid, also in the statement.  "Allen went on to note that this grant truly embodies what the Madison Foundation represents, as the grant was made possible by a generous contribution from Jack Davis, a long-time Madison resident."
 “We continuously strive to put your gifts to work in Madison,” said Allen. He also said the grant was made in the name of former foundation president and board member Dick Benson.
"Madison seniors and others using the center now have this important protection in place for them, albeit with the hope the need never arises."
For more information about The Madison Foundation and the work it does in the community, visit

Editor's note: All information and the photo in this post were contributed. With special thanks to board member Melanie Brigockas, who did the work to share this!

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