Friday, October 5, 2012

New Haven native and his wife share travel adventures

NEW HAVEN – A city native and his wife who have traveled North America via kayak, canoes, and dogsleds visited Foote School to talk about their experiences.

Dave and Amy Freeman have been visiting schools throughout North America on their North American Odyssey journey for the past two years, and have about six months left to go before their final stop in Key West, Fla.

The Freemans brought a kayak and tent to Foote School for the students to see, and shared stories of their adventures.

North American Odyssey began on Earth Day 2010, and aims to bring awareness of North American nature to students.

"Dave and Amy still have about six months of paddling left to complete this one of a kind adventure as they work their way down the Eastern Seaboard of the U.S.," they said in a statement.

Edited by Kaitlyn Yeager

Editor's note: All information in this post was contributed. Photo by Amy Freeman taken in the Pacific Northwest near Juneau; shows Dave with two humpback whales


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