Tuesday, January 15, 2013

DMV RemindsConnecticut Drivers to Remove Snow and Ice from Passenger Cars

The DMV Tuesday released this, a reminder for Connecticut residents as an expected winter storm approaches.

"Those Traveling with Ice- or Snow-Covered Cars Face Fines"

 The release noted: "passenger car drivers need to scrape off the heavy amounts of snow and ice before traveling or face a possible $75 fine for having a car on the road loaded down with these icy elements."

"This state law, which aims to prevent safety risks from these blowing winter hazards, pertains to passenger cars and other non-commercial vehicles," the release said.

"Fines can increase up to $1,000 for drivers who operate these vehicles when flying snow or ice off them causes personal injury or property damage," the release said.

“All drivers should take an extra few minutes to remove most of the snow and ice so it does not endanger themselves or others,” DMV Commissioner Melody A. Currey said, also in the release. “That will be time well spent to avoid needless hazards on the roadways.”

The release also noted that a law "pertaining to commercial vehicles is scheduled to go into effect later this year."

 For information on the DMV visit ct.gov/dmv

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