Thursday, January 17, 2013

New Haven: Sound barrier information meeting to be held

The state Department of Transportation will  hold a Public Information Meeting on construction of a noise barrier wall on I-91 south Exit 2 and the on-ramp of Exit 3

NEW HAVEN - A public information meeting on the noise barrier/sound wall being built for the Bradley Street neighborhood will be held on behalf of State Senate Majority Leader Martin Looney and Alderman Michael Smart, D-8, at 7:30 p.m. Jan. 24 at Conte West Hills Middle School at 511 Chapel St.
According to a release, Looney and Smart "invite the city of New Haven to participate in a public information meeting regarding the future building of a Noise Barrier Wall on I-91 SB between Exit 2 and the on-ramp of Exit 3, parallel to Bradley Street."
"The purpose of this meeting is to engage the citizens of the Bradley Street neighborhood in conversation about the future construction, answer questions, and provide any insight on their thoughts and concerns," the release said. 
"Participation is strongly encouraged. The public opinion and travel information collected will be an important component in finalizing the plans for the Noise Barrier Wall."
For more information call Melissa Guerrero, Public Information Coordinator, at 1-203-752-1996 or email

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Anonymous said...

I thought that was built to protect cars from gun shots.

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