Friday, August 29, 2008

Fair Haven fire

Photos are by Amanda May
NEW HAVEN - A two-alarm fire damaged a Fair Haven bodega and apartments above it Thursday afternoon.
One firefighter was taken to the hospital as a precaution but no residents were injured.
The front section of the building sustained heavy damage.
Assistant Fire Chief Ralph Black said the fire started on the second floor and, because of the construction style of the building, quickly spread through voids in the walls to the third and fourth floors and attic.
When firefighters first arrived at 343 Grand Ave., most of the fire remained hidden but a short time later flames began pouring out of the attic area at the front of the building, forcing firefighters to pull back before renewing the aggressive interior attack.
Tony Jordan lived in a building next door and watched a crew of workers for two days putting down a new roof using a torch on a narrow section above the street-level bodega. After the fire was extinguished, Black said investigators were aware of the work and were examining that as a possible cause but had made no conclusions.
Six people were put up by the American Red Cross. Resident Sasha Rodriguez, 26, said she received several frantic calls from her mother, who was looking after one of her children in their apartment, saying that the building was on fire. She took the bus home from Chapel Street family safe and found firefighters still pouring water on her burned out building.
"Oh my God. I have nothing," she said.
The Los Luceros Mart was located on the first floor of the building.The store didn't sustain fire damage but the contents did sustain heavy water damage.

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