Monday, August 4, 2008

Youth outreach program creates leaders

By Ed Stannard, Register Metro Editor

NEW HAVEN -- Speaking in front of a group, dropping the street slang, learning sales techniques.

They may not sound like ways to cope with gang violence and drug dealing, but members of the 18-year-old youth outreach organization, Survivin' N Da Hood, know they're on the right road. And they're teaching others what they've learned.

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Register photos by Brad Horrigan

ABOVE: Terrence Hunt, Miracle Best and Colonia Thigpen, all trainers from the Survivin’ N Da Hood youth outreach program, work with a group of youths.

RIGHT: Survivin’ N Da Hood trainers, from left, Miracle Bridges, Asha Newsome and Ingrid Colon, assist two campers from New Haven's Parks and Recreation Department.

Hear Survivin' N Da Hood trainers and participants talk about the program:

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