Monday, August 18, 2008

A recipe for success

Something is cooking for Job corps

The New Haven Job Corps Center Culinary students recently visited to the Union League Café on Chapel Street to learn the operations of a fine dining French restaurant, including food ordering, preparation, and staffing.
Job Corps Chef Gary Mehalik, advanced pastry and baking instructor said, "I want to express my gratitude to Chef Jeanne Pierre for inviting the students and me to his establishment and to apply classroom skills in a superb kitchen." In demand Job corps students prove once again that experience and attention to school work pay a big dividend.
As a result of the visit, Union League Café chef and owner Jeanne Pierre Vuillermet offered an internship at the restaurant. The opportunity is in the making and will provide a promising Job Corps youth with the opportunity to demonstrate their culinary skills and creativity in a real time environment, a Job Corps official said.
Pictured, from l to r are, Sean Madden, advanced pastry and baking student; Shereen Burnett, culinary arts student; Chef Gary Mehalik, advanced pastry and baking instructor.

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