Thursday, August 28, 2008

Murder suspect in custody

NEW HAVEN - Police have secured an arrest warrant for a 24-year-old man in connection with a July 25 slaying of a man in Fair Haven.

Eliezer Boria, Jr., shown, is charged with murder and gun charges in connection with the killing of Miguel Morales, who was fatally shot on Woolsey Street near Lloyd Street.

Detectives Michael Wuchek and Michael Hunter learned that Boria had an ongoing dispute with Morales. Boria is a convicted felon.

Boria has been in custody since July 27, 2008 when he was remanded back to jail by officials from the Connecticut Board of Parole, for a violation of his parole conditions, police said. He must appear in court to be formally arraigned on the murder warrant.

Boria was released on special parole in 2006 following a June 2002 arrest in which he was apprehended by city police in possession of a Mac-11-style machine pistol, which is shown above. Bond on the murder warrant was set at $2 million.

The Department of Correction spells Boria's first name as Elizier.

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