Friday, August 22, 2008

United Way does it again, this time for Fellowship Place

In the photo, Helena working in the food service internship program, learning new cooking skills.

NEW HAVEN — United Way of Greater New Haven has given Fellowship Place, Inc. $25,000 grant to continue funding the agency’s Right to Work and Learn program. The funding will be focused on "maintaining current services to provide education and find competitive employment for adults living with a chronic mental illness," Fellowship Place said in a statement.
"We are pleased United Way is able to continue its support of programs to help our members live independently and be productive members of the community. Finding employment is an important component of recovery from mental illness and/or substance abuse," said Mary Guerrera, Executive Director of Fellowship Place, Inc., in the statement. "Our partnership with United Way of Greater New Haven is of long standing and this continuation will enable the agency to maintain programs that help those with mental illness achieve what others take for granted: finish their education and find a job in the community."
Fellowship Place will serve about 35 people this year by providing internships, literacy training, and community job placements. The internship program exposes people with little or no work history to entry level jobs in clerical, maintenance, and food service industries. Fellowship Place also is recruiting area businesses for its Employer Bank, which matches employer needs with the skills and interests of agency clients looking for jobs.
According to it leaders, Fellowship Place, Inc. each year welcomes more than 500 people who suffer from a chronic mental illness to its campus in downtown New Haven to find acceptance and opportunities to learn new skills, be productive, and give back to the community. Services include job training, expressive arts, a computer learning center, social and recreational activities, supported housing, counseling and three healthy meals a day. Most importantly, Fellowship Place provides hope and a chance to connect with others who face the same life challenges; it is open 365 days a year, including all weekends and holidays.

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