Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Red Cross starts holiday donation campaign

FARMINGTON — The Red Cross has begun a holiday fundraising campaign, asking donors to visit www.redcross.org/gifts to make a donation in the name of the people on their gift list this year, the agency said in a statement.
"Their donation can help provide food and shelter to a victim of disaster, help purchase things like phone cards and supplies for a member of the armed forces, or help supply basic necessities to families in desperate need in countries across the world," the statement said.

“We are asking people to give a gift that means something in the spirit of the holiday season,” American Red Cross Connecticut and Rhode Island Region spokesman Paul Shipman said, also in the statement. “Their donation can help save the day when fire destroys a neighbor’s house, when a patient needs blood, when a member of the military has a family emergency back home.”

In Connecticut, the Red Cross responded to 553 local disasters in 2011, providing help to nearly 1,000 families displaced by fire, flood or other emergencies, the statement said. The Red Cross helped more than 640 Connecticut military families with emergency communications and other services. And the Red Cross in Connecticut collected more than 150,000 units of life saving blood, it said.

“We ask people to be generous this holiday season in their support of the Red Cross,” Shipman said. “History has proven Americans respond when people are in need. These are difficult times for families and businesses across our nation, but we ask that people support the Red Cross during the holidays this year and help save the day for a neighbor when they most need our help.”

Editor's note: All information in this post was contributed by the Red Cross. 

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