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Thursday, May 29, 2014

Access Health CT enrollment centers announce summer hours

"Day-to-day support available via call center representatives"
According to a release: When the  2014 open enrollment cycle is completed, Access Health CT  enrollment centers in New Britain and New Haven "will be closed for day-to-day business; going forward, they will serve as venues for educational sessions about Healthcare Reform."
"The centers, which helped thousands of residents enroll in quality, affordable health care coverage, will re-open for day-to-day business this fall," the release said.
“From the beginning, we envisioned these two centers serving a variety of purposes,” Kevin Counihan, Access Health CT CEO said, also in the release. “During open enrollment, our main priority was providing a place where people could come ask questions about health care coverage and obtain assistance enrolling in a plan. Now that open enrollment has ended, we’re planning to use the centers to host educational sessions through the summer, and expect to fully re-open this fall to support the next open enrollment cycle.”
 "Connecticut was the first state to open health care enrollment centers. Modeled after the Apple® stores, the enrollment centers offered in-person assistance to guide consumers through the process of enrolling for health care coverage. The centers were designed to be family friendly with an area for children to play while their parents or guardians met with AHCT staff members at individualized computer work stations."
Further, the release said, "During the 2014 open enrollment period, there were 19,500 visitors to the AHCT enrollment centers. Many came to ask questions and learn more about Healthcare Reform, and 9,917 enrolled at the center."
Consumers who have questions about Healthcare Reform, their health care coverage, or AHCT, may call 855-805-4325 to speak with a representative. Information regarding the educational sessions this summer will be posted online at
"Until open enrollment begins for 2015, residents will only be able to shop for coverage through Access Health CT under special circumstances, such as marriage, divorce, birth, adoption or loss of insurance coverage from an employer." 
For more information about special enrollment, visit

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