Friday, May 16, 2014

Bike to Work Day New Haven: At Devil's Gear pols appear

New Haven — According to a press release by legislative staff, Senate Majority Leader Martin M. Looney, and state Sen. Gary Holder-Winfield, both D-New Haven, joined members of Elm City Cycling at the Devil’s Gear Bike Shop to celebrate “Bike to Work Day” and "to tout legislative efforts to protect" cyclists.  

 “In New Haven and in cities across the country, people are giving up their cars and opting to ride their bikes, walk or use public transportation to get around,” Looney said in the release.  “It is important that our roads be safe for all users, which is why we passed a Vulnerable User bill to increase penalties for dangerous drivers who seriously injure pedestrians and cyclists.”

Also according to the release, the General Assembly  this session passed Senate Bill 336 “An Act Concerning the Penalty for Causing Harm to a Vulnerable User of a Public Way.” 

"The bill, which is expected to be signed into law by Governor Malloy, creates a fine of up to $1,000 for any motorist convicted of inflicting serious physical injury or death to a anyone defined as a ' vulnerable user' of a state road, including bicyclist and those using a wheelchair.  Previously, there were only minor penalties for injuring a pedestrian or cyclist," the release said.

 "Nationally over the last 20 years, on average, more than 5,000 pedestrians are killed across the United States in motor vehicle-related accidents."

Further, "Of the 10 largest cities in New England, New Haven has the highest percentage of residents who walk and/or bike to work.  In recent years the city has been the scene of several tragedies involving pedestrians, cyclists and police officers attached to roadwork crews," the release said. (See what DataHaven found about transportation to work in Greater New Haven Connecticut)

“Last year’s bike to work day saw 8,400 people bike to work, which is a 16% increase from 2012,” Holder-Winfield said in the release. “With cycling increasing in popularity it is essential we do all we can to protect those who share the road with automobiles.”
In the photo: Looney at the Devil’s Gear Bike Shop on Bike to Work Day.

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