Tuesday, May 27, 2014

WalkBikeTransit to set up 'Social Metamorphosis' exhibit

WalkBikeTransit will set up "a swarm of recycled art butterflies, a large per capita greenhouse gas graph and car art as part of a street art exhibit titled 'Social Metamorphosis'" at the corner of Chapel and York streets Wednesday, according to a release.

The exhibit will call on New Haven residents "to learn more about the serious impacts of climate change and to imagine alternatives to current dependence on cars which generate large amounts of greenhouse gases and other pollutants.. The exhibit will be up all day," the release said.

"The art will make the link between car use and its impacts on natural systems, and encourage people to use healthier alternatives."

Also in the release:

WalkBikeTransit, a project of the New Haven/Leon Sister City Project, was created to educate New Haven residents about the local and global effects ofclimate change. It seeks to affect local grassroots change and build local support for sustainable transportation and more transportation options (walking, trains, buses, biking).


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