Monday, May 19, 2014

Connecticut Law Enforcement Community to hold annual Law Enforcement Memorial Service

In a release, the state police announced that the Connecticut Police Chiefs’ Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation will sponsor the 26th annual Law Enforcement Memorial Service at 11 a.m. May 22 at the Connecticut Police Academy, 285 Preston Ave., Meriden.
"The entire Connecticut Law Enforcement Community comprised of local, state and federal partners will be coming together to honor the 137 heroes who lost their lives in the line of duty while serving the citizens in Connecticut," the release said.

"This year, Constable Lloyd M. Kozenieski, a Constable of the Woodbury Police Department who died on May 7, 1974, will be recognized for the first time," the release said.
"The Police Chiefs’ Law Enforcement Memorial Foundation just learned of the heroic efforts of Constable Kozenieski in 2013, when retired Connecticut State Trooper Jerry McGuire, looked into the situation after noticing that Constable Kozenieski’s name was not on the memorial. Trooper McGuire had remembered Constable Kozenieski while working out of State Police Troop L in Litchfield. Once the foundation received the material from retired Trooper McGuire and the current Resident Trooper Sgt. Joseph Roden, they reviewed the circumstances and determined that he should be included on the memorial with the other heroes."
"On May 7, 1974, Constable Kozenieski was dispatched to assist a trooper from Troop L during a domestic dispute in Woodbury.  After struggling with the offender, Constable Kozenieski suffered a heart attack at the scene. Despite the efforts of the trooper and other medical personnel who rushed to the scene, Constable Kozenieski, a 22-year veteran of law enforcement, died," the release said.

Several members of the Kozenieski family will be in attendance at the ceremony, along with several other family members of the 137 fallen heroes, the release said..


The public is invited and encouraged to attend the May 22 ceremony, at which time Lt. Governor Nancy Wyman will be the keynote speaker.


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